Another Sheriff Tells Mad-Man Newsom What He Can Do With His Lockdown Orders

Gavin Newsom just cannot seem to make up his evil mind. He starts out slowly opening the state from being locked down. He then changes how reopening will take place to the point that most businesses have to start over. And just as things are looking better, the mad man Newsom hears one case of COVID-19 shows up, and he locks everyone down again. Except for his own family.

But this time around, his ill-begotten policies are falling on deaf ears as once sheriff’s department after another refuses to enforce his fearful laws. The state of California has reached its tipping point. The fact that the state lost four House seats to the Republican Party should have been his wake-up call that he is next on the chopping block.

The latest department to refuse his orders is the Sacramento County Sheriff led by Scott Jones. Newsom wanted to keep people from having Thanksgiving Dinner together, which was just enough to tick enough people off.

Jones stated with the determination that “We will not dispatch officers for these purposes.” There are more serious reasons why the police should be called. And it does not include a call about a person eating a turkey leg.

Jones is a COVID-19 survivor. He alone knows the seriousness of the virus. But he also realizes that there is more at stake than the cry to save lives. Locking people down in their homes is worse than death.

Jones got over COVID-19 reasonably quickly. His symptoms were gone within the week. The media wants people to believe that people with COVID will never recover, but that is just not the case.

The department went on to note that “The Sheriff is only one of dozens of Sacramento Sheriff’s Office employees who, despite rigorous institutional safety practices and following all recommended personal safety protocols, have contracted the virus while performing their essential duties protecting and serving their community or, as in the Sheriff’s case, supporting and interacting with those dedicated women and men.”

His actions only prove that people can continue to live their lives while fighting the new version of the common cold. The Democrats are making such a fuss about nothing. If saving lives was so important to them, they would be screaming each year for people to get their flu shots so the flu would not kill the elderly so much.

In order for the country to return to normal, testing sites need to be shut down. As long as there is testing taking place, the liberals will have something to cry about. They will have the ammunition they need to continue to lockdown people down and a reason to justify them trampling the country into the ground.

Officers and leaders like Jones are what it will take to push the liberals back to their holes. Refusal to wear a mask is not an offense that warrants a person being thrown into a jail cell with murderers and molesters. All mask mandates are unconstitutional and need to be thrown out into the trash.

The department mentioned that “The potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters, and anticipating the various ways in which the order may be violated, it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate. Accordingly, the Sheriff’s Office will not be doing so.”

Jones also has refused to release the health information of the inmates under his jurisdiction. He believes that it is no one’s business how many people are sick and receiving treatment in the jail cells of Sacramento County.

Tess Deterding is a spokesperson for the sheriff. She stated that “After a review of the BSCC tracking system, the Sheriff’s Office does not believe that the data being collected is comprehensive enough to show a complete picture related to COVID and our jail system.”

At some point, it will not matter how many people caught the virus because everyone will eventually beat the infection. The media wants to see people reporting their health information because they want to make it public. But people like Jones and the millions of other Americans believe that it is no one’s business how they feel or why they go to the doctor.