Another Lawsuit Against Trump is Thrown Out…

In the wake of 2020 and all the craziness that went on, we are slowly learning that things weren’t exactly as they seemed – or at least they weren’t as the leftist-backed media described them. Protests weren’t “peaceful,” George Floyd wasn’t exactly innocent, and newly-installed President Joe Biden may have not legitimately won.

In addition, we are also finding out that most of what the political left and their propaganda wing, I mean, mainstream media projected about former President Donald Trump, is far from the truth.

Take the Lafayette Square incident, for example.

If you remember, it took place in early June, just days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The nation was pretty much up in arms about the situation, not knowing exactly what to believe or who to blame. Protests started popping up all over the place, with groups like Black Lives Matter escalating conditions into full-fledged riots on a number of occasions.

In Washington D.C. and our nation’s capital, things were no less stressful.

On June 1, so-called protesters filled Lafayette Square just north of the White House. Naturally, having such a protest and ones that had already proved could turn violent at any moment so close to the seat of our country’s power is somewhat unsettling, to say the least.

And so, the protesters were cleared out.

While Black Lives Matter and other groups represented by the protest, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, were unhappy about themselves being eradicated from the area. They were even more up in arms when not long after then-President Trump walked right through Lafayette Square to the adjacent St. John’s Cathedral with Bible in hand.

It was then that they concocted the idea that Trump had ordered their clearing so he could get in a photo op. And, of course, the media ran with it.

Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a good look for the Trump Administration.

Later lawsuits were filed against Trump, as well as then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Attorney General William Barr.

However, on Monday, a federal judge threw out the case against Trump, as well as several others involving the situation.


As it turns out, proof has been found that shows the clearing of Lafayette Square and the supposed photo op for Trump to be completely unrelated.

In a report put forward on June 9 by Interior Department Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt, officers did, in fact, clear the square that first day of June. But it was not in response to Trump wanting to take some pictures.

Instead, it was ordered by security because a new security fencing system was soon to be installed. And obviously, that meant workers needed room to do the installing. In fact, the order for the clearing was made even before the security team knew about Trump’s photo op.

It was even suggested that the photo op only took place because Trump saw an impromptu opportunity, with the square now being free of protesters and possible danger for the president.

Furthermore, these protests were anything but peaceful.

One might say such a clearing by police was warranted given the violence and destruction that was beginning to ensue.

In addition, the report and various other sources, media included proof that law enforcement was not unjustly harsh with the protesters. They were not making false arrests or seizing people or property.

Instead, as U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled in her decision on Monday, “quite the opposite was true.”

“They did not restrain them or attempt to seize them in place.” And she added, “The officers attempted to cause the protesters and fleeing crowd to leave their location, rather than cause them to remain there.”

Furthermore, Judge Friedrich said that the narrative that ”impending future harm” could be done to the protesters is far “too speculative to confer standing to seek an injunction.”

And so, the case against Trump and his law enforcement officers was thrown out.

Another lawsuit to prove that Trump isn’t the monster, racist, or insurrectionist that the left would love to paint him as.