Airlines Join in Oppression by Banning People that Spoke With Politicians

Politicians have a lot of things that they must answer. Some of those people are Republicans, and the other non-essentials are the Democrats. As they move about the country, they are often confronted by people that are concerned about things and need to have their voices heard. These are people that are wanting to know why their elected officials are not representing the interests of their districts.

The two politicians that were most recently cornered by concerned voters were Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham. Both of these two men did not support the president when he needed them the most. And now it was time for them to answer to their voter base.

Lindsey Graham was confronted over the Electoral College certification as well as Mitt Romney in another confrontation. Two different people in two different locations over the same issue proves that it is a significant issue. One that the media is not going to report about.

One woman would ask Romney, “Why aren’t you supporting President Trump?” and Graham would be identified as a traitor. The real issue is not that the people approached the two men, as the airlines and media would have everyone believe. The real issue is why these two men are not representing the voter the way they should be.

The voters want to know that the election is secure and safe. And if the Senators need to raise a big fuss about it to get the audit done, then that is what needed to happen. But the voters were betrayed by their Senators that decided to sit on their hands and do nothing.

Once the confrontation was done, the liberal airlines and the media had to do something. People were speaking out and digging into the scheme that many believe is unfolding as the days march on. Delta CEO Ed Bastian decided it was his job to punish the travelers for voicing their concerns. He wanted to make sure that those passengers would be banned from being in the air ever again.

His actions are but the first of many that the Democrats would love to see invoked on all conservatives everywhere. This was his way of censoring the opposition and keeping people from exercising their right to speak freely.

Bastian told one media puppet that FAA is going to enact penalties on people that attack airline crew or other passengers. That seems fair and all, but there was no guidance on how that was going to be done. They went on to mention that there is a “disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior.”

People are sick and tired of being forced to do something that they know is unnecessary. The more the airlines censor and force things on people, the more they are going to suffer financial loss.

For the first time in over a decade, Delta lost money in 2020. They lost $12.4 billion. The pandemic has a lot to do with the loss, but that is going to change as they continue to bully and force people to do things they do not and should not have to do.

He went on to mention that “We don’t anticipate that by the summer travel will be back anywhere close to where it previously was, but it will be a meaningful improvement, sufficient to be able to drive profitability for us in the back half of the year.”

Delta will only see a profit if they stay out of the liberal politics ring. They believe that they will be profitable because the pandemic was only supposed to be a two-week shut down to let the curve pass. But the liberals got ahold of the problem and stretched it out in a yearlong ordeal.

Delta is also going to ban firearms from being transported while the inauguration is taking place. No passenger will have the right to check a firearm. Another way that big money is taking away freedoms. People who exercised their right to speak freely will also lose their right to travel in the air because one liberal airline decided to make a political statement.