Access Denied? No, But Biden Team Messed Up on Procedures

Liberal media lost their minds when they thought that Biden and his team were not being allowed into the Pentagon. Calm down. No one was denied access. However, they didn’t follow the necessary procedures. That meant that the process was slowed down considerably.

What the liberal media seems to forget is that Biden is only the president-elect. He still has to follow all of the rules that are in place for visitors.

Biden nor anyone on Biden’s team can just go marching into some of the most prominent government buildings in the country.

There are rules. There are procedures. And they must all be followed.

No one on Biden’s transition team was denied access with some of the Department of Defense intelligence agencies.

The DoD has had to come forward to explain all that happened.

If you listen to the media outlets, the DoD rejected requests from Biden’s team. That’s not what happened at all.

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller had to go on the defense. The Pentagon has been cooperating in full with the transition team. Miller made a statement to reporters to identify that the DoD has a “long record of bipartisan excellence” with leadership transitions.

That being said, Biden’s team did not follow proper protocol. The Biden Intelligence Community ART chose to reach out directly to the intelligence agencies of the DoD to request meetings. That is the incorrect way to do such things, so those agencies rejected the meetings.

Based on the White House agreement with the Biden transition team, all meeting requests are to go directly through the DoD transition team, which is led by Tom Muir, the Director of Washington Headquarters Services.

See how easy that is? The Biden team needs to contact only one person in order to get all of their meeting requests handled. It’s amazing how smoothly things can go if they will only choose to follow procedures that have been put into place.

Throughout the next few weeks, Biden’s DoD ART will be meeting with the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and several other members of the intelligence community.

The official statement from the DoD regarding the entire incident shows that they’re tired of the games, and it’s just the start of the Biden administration: “The accusation by anonymous sources that DoD has not been fulfilling its commitment to professionally assist any of the Agency Review Teams is demonstrably false and patently insulting.”

And so, it begins. The Biden administration is going to try to break the rules, the media is going to point fingers, and the DoD is going to have to go on the defense.

It should be fairly simple. The fact that the Biden transition teams can’t figure out is perhaps the most concerning of it all. Follow the rules. They’re there for a reason.

As for what the Biden transition team has to say about the entire ordeal? No comment. Well, isn’t that convenient?

Senior defense officials have also maintained that all of the procedural issues have been worked out. The meetings are scheduled, and that there should be no further issues for the Biden transition team to meet with the various organizations that fall under the DOD. In fact, most of the issues were dealt with even before the anonymous allegations came out.

The liberal media needs to back off. They’re all for making a big deal out of nothing. They would love nothing more than to see innocent agencies be blamed even though it is Biden’s team that isn’t following procedures.

How much more of this will we have to deal with over the next four years? Someone in Biden’s administration won’t follow the rules and it will be someone else blamed for it. This is the way of the Democrats after all – point fingers and blame others because of their ineptitude.