A Tip to Liberals….Know Your News Source…Snopes Doesn’t Investigate Anything…They’ve Pleaded Guilty to Plagiarism

Liberals are quick to disclaim any news coming from any conservative source. They snub their noses if a tale isn’t told to their exacting specifications, or in their preferred terminology, contains “misinformation.” Their favorite battle cry is “Know your sources!”

Some libs will devote hours of research on unreputable sites attempting to negate the truth. The lazier ones will simply run it through Snopes and accept the answer, which is generally the one they were hoping for, as the gospel. Snopes knows all…

The “fact-machine” was just found guilty of plagiarism, which in the world of news journalism is a hangable offense. Co-founder and CEO David Mikkelson admitted the company was snagging information straight from mainstream news media without changing a single word before reprinting the info on Snopes. This also means they weren’t investigating one single word prior to determining the fact from fiction people have been readily accepting as the final word.

This has been going for several years and all Mikkelson could say was that there had been some “serious lapses in judgment.” Though there were others, the two main news sources being plagiarized were the L.A. Times and the Guardian, both liberal publications.

None of this happened by accident which is evidenced by the great lengths Mikkelson took to cover his footprints. In many cases, he used pseudonyms when stealing the copyrighted material. So-called facts ranging from David Bowie’s death to the war in Afghanistan were printed in complete word-for-word paragraphs and sentences from the sources they were swiped from.

As if stealing the copyrighted material and doing no further investigative work of their own was not bad enough, there’s one more thing landing Mikkelson in boiling water. Snopes gave absolutely no credit to the original sources as required by law. They were mentioned nowhere.

For the time being Mikkelson will remain in his role as CEO and he’ll hang on to his 50% ownership of the company. He has, however, been suspended from all activity on the site. It’s kind of like going to Facebook jail only much more damaging.

The higher-ups at Snopes released a statement saying, “Let us be clear: Plagiarism undermines our mission and values, full stop. It has no place in any context within this organization.”

Eight of Snope’s writers stepped forward to help throw Mikkelson under the bus, along with some ex-staffers who obviously still held a grudge against him. To give the appearance of the site’s response time to questions being much faster than it, in reality, is, he strongly and routinely suggested that the writers use the simple cost/paste method.

Mikkelson is trying to blame his entire crime on…get this…his lack of journalistic experience and formal training prior to being tossed into his current position. Poor guy. He told this to BuzzFeed when they approached him over their findings but he’s since avoided the media.

“I didn’t come from a journalism background. I wasn’t used to doing news aggregation. A number of times I crossed the line to where it was copyright infringement. I own that,” he said. By a show of hands, who reading this article understands what copyright infringement is? Yeah. He should’ve known also and more than likely did.

In addition to the NYTs and the Guardian, other targets included NBC News, the BBC, CNN, and the Associated Press. Need we repeat the word liberal? Some were published on Snopes under the fake name of Jeff Zarronandia while others simply gave credit to the “Snopes staff.” He was also stupid enough to use his real name now and then.

The people at Snopes said they are in the process of going back and deleting the material in question, but by this time a lot of people have relied on a lot of faulty unresearched information to determine answers that were important to them at the time.

To this, we’ll return the liberal’s favorite term to the ones who have relied solely on Snopes as their rock-solid end-of-the-line truth finder. “Know your source.”