900 Gold Star Families and Wounded Veterans Write Letter to Biden Addressing Potential Weakness with Iran

Rosemarie Mosteller/shutterstock.com

President Biden received a letter from a group of 900 Gold Star families and wounded veterans. They all suffered greatly due to the terror attacks that were supported and committed by Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The letter explicitly asked the president not to remove the group from the State Departments list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs). 

In the letter, the Gold Star family shared grave concernsover reports that the White House administration was even considering taking the IRGC off of the list. This consideration is being made while Bidens administration is having negotiations for a new nuclear deal with Iran. 

The letter to Biden said, “In our view, removing the IRGCs FTO designation would threaten American lives, harm veterans and Gold Star families, and empower a terrorist organization that continues to sponsor and commit attacks against U.S. interests and allies in the Middle East.

The letter went further stating that the IRGC is right now engaged in active terrorist plots focused on killing former U.S. Government officials. It also noted that Iran has proxies in Iraq and Syria that are continuing to attack U.S. interests. 

The 900 Gold Star families believe that taking Iran off of the list would give them the “green light to target Americans and attack our allies.” As an explanation for their request, the writers of the letter said that the process for designating groups on the list has been “fact-based and apolitical for two generations.And if Iran was taken off of the list during political negotiations, it would hurt the worldwide credibility of the FTO.

But the most significant concern from the Gold Star families had to do with what they called tangible, real-world impacts.They described the present civil litigation that tries to keep companies from assisting the IRGC.

The veterans and Gold Star families did their homework. They made sure that Bidens administration knew that the federal law makes anyone within U.S. jurisdiction who knowingly provides material support to an FTO can be charged criminally. Therefore, any company that does business with an FTO is open to “legal, financial, and reputational” consequences.

The letter urged that all this be taken into consideration despite what Iran demands in the negotiations. And they challenged the administration to not dishonor the memories of the victims of the IRGCs actions; especially those who were service members killed while serving their country overseas. 

“Mr. President, no deal with Iran, the worlds foremost State Sponsor of Terrorism, can be worth sacrificing our nations honor and symbolically giving the worlds leading terrorist organization a green light to kill more Americans and enhancing its practical ability to do so,the letter demanded.

A spokesperson for Bidens administration recently told the media that they received the letter and have responded to the writers directly. But obviously, there is a growing concern that President Biden is getting ready to enter into a weak agreement with Iran. Some are worried that sanctions will be lifted on members of the office of the Supreme Leader of Iran. This was written in a letter from both Democratic and Republican House members. That letter described how Irans role in state-sponsored terror was missing in the previous nuclear deal from 2015. And now, if sanctions are lifted, there would be a clear path for Iranian proxies to continue fueling terrorism,” the letter from the House said.

One House member, Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, said that Iran should not be removed from the FTO list until they can prove that they have ended all terrorist activity.

That seems logical…let’s home the Biden administration thinks so.