3 Michigan Women Charged with Felony Voter Fraud

By SJMPhotos shutterstock.com
By SJMPhotos shutterstock.com

Ever since November of 2020, actually far before that, voter fraud has been a near-constant and national conversation. It has been suggested by many, many Americans, including former President Donald Trump, that the massive and record-high number of mail-in voting ballots allowed for untold numbers of forged and fraudulent votes to be cast in nearly every state.

Of course, according to the liberal left, that’s all a load of rubbish. If they are to be believed, 2020 gave us the most secure and fair election our nation has ever seen, certainly fairer than the previous presidential vote, which allowed for Trump to take over their beloved swamp.

And yet, in state after state, more and more cases of voter fraud are being discovered.

Take the liberal state of Michigan, for example.

Here, another three women have recently been charged with a number of voter fraud issues, a whopping 50 to be exact, including 36 voter fraud felonies.

Trenae Myesha Rainey from Macomb County stole “roughly two dozen absentee voter applications” issued to nursing home residents where she worked. She then, of course, filled them all out, forged the signatures of the residents, and turned the applications in, according to police reports.

Similarly, Nancy Juanita Williams, who works as a caretaker for legally incapacitated people, used her job as a way to submit fraudulent absentee ballots of no less than 26 people. On the absentee ballot applications, she told the elections offices of nine identified city and township clerks to send the votes “directly to her” instead of the people she was supposedly taking care of.

The last woman, Carless Clark from Wayne County, decided to vote for her grandson using an absentee ballot. I guess since he decided “to vote in person,” she thought no one would notice another vote coming in under his name.

Thankfully, all of their crimes and untruthfulness were discovered, and the women are now being held accountable, as have more than a few others. However, if this recent find is indicative of anything, it’s that the election was not nearly as fair and secure as those on the left claim it was. And chances are there are many more similar cases out there just waiting to be found.

Of course, Democrats far and wide will claim that this isn’t proof that fraud exists so much as it proves the security of the elections, as these specific cases were found and caught.

As Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a recent statement, “These cases highlight the scrutiny applications and ballots undergo throughout the election process, as well as the thorough investigative process that ensues when instances of attempted fraud are suspected.”

The state’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson seconded this fallible sentiment saying, “our election system is secure, and today’s charges demonstrate that in the rare circumstances when fraud occurs, we catch it and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

She went on to add that since this is proof of the election’s supposed security, everyone who has ever thought any different should stop thinking so immediately and cease from engaging in any talk that would “spread lies to the contrary.”

However, clearly, if the election were as secure as they say, these instances of “attempted” or successful fraud wouldn’t be happening at all – and certainly not in such large numbers as we are seeing.

It’s also why several states have since passed laws to further add security and integrity to the voting process, as it was clearly lacking in 2020, including the hotly debated Georgia integrity laws.

In fact, in the southern Peach State, fraud was suspected so highly after the 2020 presidential election that it is believed that much of the state’s conservative population didn’t even turn out to cast a ballot at all due to the belief that their vote wouldn’t matter or be counted anyway. As a result, both senate seats in a usually very red state went to Democrats.

It is likely that for fear of similar laws being proposed and implemented, more liberal states like Michigan are even looking at suspected voter fraud cases. Whatever the reason, I’m glad they are finding and prosecuting them. However, I’m sure these won’t be the last.