25th Amendment Leaves Us with Kamala Harris…Let’s Talk About This

The 25th amendment is on the tip of many Americans’ tongues. With Joe Biden’s missteps regarding Afghanistan as well as his constantly incomprehensible speech, we have to wonder whether he’s capable of being president.

Rick Scott is one of the louder members of Congress to raise the topic, too. The GOP Senator recently tweeted an important question that we’ve all been asking ourselves: “Is Joe Biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has the time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th amendment?”

This is a great question…and it may be time.

However, we have to be very realistic about what happens if Congress actually chooses to evoke the 25th amendment on Joe Biden.

If the president is removed from office, the Vice President becomes the president. That would mean that we are left with Kamala Harris to serve as our president.

Kamala Harris has some of the lowest approval ratings that a VP has ever seen. She’s proven to be completely useless. The First Lady has seen more of the country than Harris has since Inauguration Day.

One of the main things Harris has been tasked with since getting into the White House is to fix the problem at the border. She has hidden behind the excuse of looking for the root cause while hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the country illegally.

She has botched the border crisis more than we could have ever anticipated.

It’s not just that she’d make an inadequate president, though. According to the 25th amendment, the President will be responsible for nominating a Vice President. Then, the House and Senate confirm that person by a majority vote.

If we were to get rid of Joe Biden, we would be left with Kamala Harris and a person of her choosing in charge. Based on past history with Harris, we could expect someone with a socialist-leaning so that they can come in and “shake things up.”

Considering that she made history as the first female VP, she’d likely bestow the honor onto someone who could also make history.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would certainly be a possibility. She’d be the first Latinx VP, and she’d steer the country right toward socialism and off the side of a cliff.

Even Andrew Yang would be a possibility. With his push to create universal basic income, it would make it easier for Americans to grow dependent on the government. Plus, he’d be the first male Asian VP.

Those who are currently serving as cabinet members could be considered, such as Pete Buttigieg or Marcia Fudge. Either of them would be able to shake things up for the Democrats, though it’s unlikely that she’d mess with the cabinet.

We cannot allow Kamala Harris to be president. She certainly couldn’t get very far on her own when she had the dream of being president. She shouldn’t get there simply because Biden is invalid.

So, if Biden goes, Harris has to go, too.

Since the 25th amendment would only get rid of Biden, we’d have to impeach Kamala Harris at the same time. Plenty of members of the GOP have brought up the possibility since she promoted bail funds at the time of the BLM protests of 2020. She was promoting the violence with the promise that bail money would be taken care of.

It’s unlikely, though. Impeachment likely wouldn’t stick.

It means that we have to be careful about throwing around the idea of evoking the 25th amendment unless we want to be stuck with the clueless and idiotic Kamala Harris.

The best answer may be to take a deep breath and focus on the end game. The GOP is already proving that it can flip seats. With a few more seats flipped, the House and Senate can go back to the GOP in 2022. It will render the Biden-Harris administration beyond weak since they won’t have the majority anymore. Then, by 2024, everyone will be ready to say goodbye to both Biden and Harris and welcome in a Republican administration once again.